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Sleuths, detectives, investigators, dicks, eyes, gumshoes and agents required...

...and Kickstarters, lots and lots of Kickstarters.

Whodunnit Manor welcomes careful sleuths ... to a world of crime and mystery.

If you feel up to the task: Join Here.

You've seen Midsomer Murders and Murder, She Wrote. You've outguessed Inspector Morse and wondered as Hercule Poirot chased red herrings. Kay Scarpetta gave you the pathological pointers and CSI the methodology. Now you're ready: It's your turn to uncover the sordid truth.


We are running a Kickstarter campaign. For a long time now Whodunnit Manor has been stagnating. Derek (The one who thought it up) had reached the point at which just one person was unable to continue development, write new mysteries and keep up with rapidly changing web technologies.

So: We're crowdfunding to bring Whodunnit Manor to the forefront of social gaming and to pay for professional input at all stages of the mystery generation process. For more details visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

While the Kickstarter campaign is running and for some time afterwards Whodunnit Manor will be running at a restricted level so that those who wish to know more before they pledge can try a simple case.


We apologise in advance: We anticipate the load on our aging servers will be high during the Kickstarter campaign and it is likely that cases will run slowly - but that is one of the things we're planning to fix with crowdfunding.

What is it?

Whodunnit Manor is a collection of on-line, interactive, mysteries for 4 or more sleuths. (More is better.)

OK, this is technically a MUG, a Multi User Game but you don't need lightning reflexes or high speed typing. These mysteries are best tackled slowly.


Sleuths take the parts of characters in the mystery. Each discovers what happens from a different point of view. What they see and hear is filtered through their own experience and abilities ... and the clues to the mystery? Every sleuth sees some clues but no single sleuth has all of them. To solve the mystery they must question others and be questioned in turn.

Sleuths compete to secure a conviction.

Get ready:

Gather a circle of like minded friends and get ready for, well, anything.


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