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Explore this snapshot from a dummy case for taste of the atmosphere.

Case: Example (dummy)

Murder, for example.

Move: 2
Mystery time: Early on Saturday evening

At the sound of the gong

Page fetched at: Time
Move ends at: Time
CharactersInfo requested about Lady Nancy Falco
You remember when she was plain Nancy Trotteville and in the right light you can still see the lump on her right shin where you hit her at the bully-off of the fourth form inter-house hockey final. She is tall, slim, auburn haired, and carries herself athletically.
She has only been married for just over two years. You wonder why she is here without her husband.
Info requested about Sir Hercule Marple
Sir Hercule Marple is in his mid forties. He is above average height with salt and pepper hair and a light tan.
He is supposed to be some sort of banker but all he seems to talk about are his big-game hunting exploits.
Info requested about Cadfael Morse
Cadfael Morse is a very tough looking individual. He is in the army and if you were not at this moment very much against men in uniform you might find him attractive.
Info requested about Miss V I Wimsey
It's the first time you have met Miss V I Wimsey although of course you have read much of her work. She is quite tiny, blonde, and fragile looking. Somehow you expected a lady novelist to be larger and tweedier.
She talks extremely quickly.
Info requested about Endeavour Brown
Endeavour Brown doesn't really fit in here. He is too studious.
He is of medium height and overweight.
Info requested about Didius Drew
You are quite certain that his school nickname must have been 'Hideous'. He has a lascivious expression, a penchant for atrocious puns and is far too fond of himself.
He is short, overweight and probably greasy. He keeps staring at your legs.
Info requested about Stephanie Queen
Stephie is, as always, cheerful. You know that she too has been having a disappointing love life but somehow she sails through it.
She has had her hair dyed. Instead of her usual silvery brown she has chosen a rich chestnut. It suits her.
Info requested about Ellery Plum
Ellery Plum is much older than the rest of the party. He must be at least 60. He is easily the best shot and seems to see more in the countryside than the rest of you. Despite being in just as much mud and water as everyone else he returned from the shoot with the biggest bag for the fewest cartridges and still without a spot on his immaculate shooting clothes.
Info requested about Roderick Fansler
Roddy was your nearest neighbour when you were little. You shared stolen apples and hunted newts together when you were about eight.
He has been abroad recently and still retains a suntan. You are looking forward to hearing his tales of Italy and Switzerland.
You have half an idea that Roddy and Stephie would be ideal for each other and you are wondering if you could manage to throw them together this weekend.
Info requested about The Unknown Woman
The unknown woman has mousey hair but thick and well styled. She is wearing a good woollen suit over a white silk blouse. She is wearing dark stockings and showing rather more leg that she should, her skirt must have ridden up as she fell. This discloses a bandage on her left knee under her stocking.
She is lying on her back, twisted to the right, with the grandfather clock resting on her stomach.
Despite the quantities of blood you cannot see any wound on her although her left hand is somewhere on her stomach under the clock. Her right arm is underneath her in a painful looking position.




    The guests assembled before dinner. The shooting party swapped stories of the day's sport whilst the others compared percussive headaches.
    Simultaneously came the sound of the dinner gong and a parlourmaid's scream. Those with headaches winced. Everybody followed the screams to the library and crowded through the door.
Pinned beneath the fallen grandfather clock in a pool of congealed blood was a woman. Sir Hercule Marple stepped forward and felt for a pulse in her neck. "She's dead," he said.
Lady Nancy Falco walked to the library table and picked up a hat. "What is my hat doing here?" she asked. "Eww it's got blood on it."
"Who is she?" you asked.
Nobody knew.

You are hungry. You hope this will not delay dinner.
The grandfather clock stopped at ten minutes to two.
Some splinters of wood from the writing desk are lying in the pool of blood. They must have fallen after the blood spread.
There are some numbers written on the wall where they were hidden by the grandfather clock. It looks like w64°54' 40'' n32°17'30''
The first volume of The Encyclopedia is missing from the shelf.
New messages:
From: Didius Drew
To: Everyone
Sent: move 1
"I bagged eight pheasants."
From: Stephanie Queen
To: Everyone
Sent: move 1
"A ladies bicycle has been thrown into the pool by the bridge. It looks new. It might be worth sending a gardener to fish it out."
From:Lady Nancy Falco
To: Stephanie Queen, Kate Alleyn, Miss V I Wimsey
Sent: move 1
"Someone has pinched my hat. Have you still got yours?"
From:Ellery Plum
To: Everyone
Sent: move 2
"The lock on the writing desk has been shot out with a solid bullet, not pellets like we've been using."


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