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Explore this snapshot from a dummy case for taste of the atmosphere.

Your Story:

    You were at school with Nancy and Stephanie and you've known Roderick almost forever. The rest of the party are strangers.
You met Sebastian when you were a debutante and you were engaged for three years while he established his naval career and you took up a secretarial post at a publishing house.
Two weeks ago Sebastian broke off your engagement. You have since discovered that he is now engaged to marry a girl he met in Gibraltar.

Case: Example (dummy)

Murder, for example.

Move: 2
Mystery time: Early on Saturday evening

At the sound of the gong

Page fetched at: Time
Move ends at: Time




    The guests assembled before dinner. The shooting party swapped stories of the day's sport whilst the others compared percussive headaches.
    Simultaneously came the sound of the dinner gong and a parlourmaid's scream. Those with headaches winced. Everybody followed the screams to the library and crowded through the door.
Pinned beneath the fallen grandfather clock in a pool of congealed blood was a woman. Sir Hercule Marple stepped forward and felt for a pulse in her neck. "She's dead," he said.
Lady Nancy Falco walked to the library table and picked up a hat. "What is my hat doing here?" she asked. "Eww it's got blood on it."
"Who is she?" you asked.
Nobody knew.

You are hungry. You hope this will not delay dinner.
The grandfather clock stopped at ten minutes to two.
Some splinters of wood from the writing desk are lying in the pool of blood. They must have fallen after the blood spread.
There are some numbers written on the wall where they were hidden by the grandfather clock. It looks like w64°54' 40'' n32°17'30''
The first volume of The Encyclopedia is missing from the shelf.
New messages:
From: Didius Drew
To: Everyone
Sent: move 1
"I bagged eight pheasants."
From: Stephanie Queen
To: Everyone
Sent: move 1
"A ladies bicycle has been thrown into the pool by the bridge. It looks new. It might be worth sending a gardener to fish it out."
From:Lady Nancy Falco
To: Stephanie Queen, Kate Alleyn, Miss V I Wimsey
Sent: move 1
"Someone has pinched my hat. Have you still got yours?"
From:Ellery Plum
To: Everyone
Sent: move 2
"The lock on the writing desk has been shot out with a solid bullet, not pellets like we've been using."


To one, more or all.
Make an accusation and cause a trial..
Fetch latest information.