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The mysteries run on plain text. When images, videos or sound clips are used they are supplied with a description or transcription that covers all essential information. This might be in an 'alt' text, a caption or in the accompanying text. Clues will remain hidden of course, it's still up to you to untangle them from the narrative.

Whodunnit Manor does not use client side scripting. It does not use frames. All style sheets can be overridden by your personal style sheet without loss. Fount sizes are not fixed. Pages will reflow to fit a wide range of screen widths.

The mysteries can be solved without tables but Whodunnit Manor does use tables for layout. Currently some of the administration on the members' pages does not linearise well. Ordinary sleuths should be OK but those managing cases and sponsoring mysteries do need tabular layout. This will be addressed when all functions have been installed and tested.

Please bear with us a little while. Whodunnit Manor is in its early days and layouts are still subject to change. Soon we will solicit feedback on accessibility. It is our intention that Whodunnit Manor's cases may be taken by anyone. Anyone brave enough...


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