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Mystery Tickets:

What does it cost?

There is no charge for taking a case. The person who sponsors the mystery may have to buy a Mystery Ticket depending on the number of sleuths.

For about the price of a crime novel you and your friends can live the mystery.

Mystery prices vary but most cost roughly one Mystery Ticket per ten sleuths. Current Mystery Ticket prices are:


Although prices are in (UK) pounds Sterling you may pay with many currencies.

So a fully populated case will cost around £1.50 per sleuth. A poorly populated case will not be such good value (eg. 11 sleuths cost 2 Mystery Tickets even though 9 characters are not filled.)

You will be be buying the opportunity to sponsor a mystery, to be the host who invites others to inspect the body in the library. Sleuths join free. There is no charge for taking a case so your guests will have nothing to pay. — Oh, and you can also be a sleuth.

How do I buy Mystery Tickets?

If you are outside the EU or are in the UK: You may buy tickets on-line.

If you are in the EU but not in the UK: We are unable to sell you Mystery Tickets and we cannot accept payment in Euros as we do not have enough staff to handle the complex EU tax procedures. You may still use tickets given to you and the free mysteries remain available


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  • Use the Buy Mystery Tickets button.
  • Buy tickets and return to your home page.


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