Murder and Mystery at Whodunnit Manor

Whodunnit Manor

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To participate you need:

  • An internet capable computer, tablet or smartphone. The software will also work over a speaking connection but some mobile 'phone screens are too small. If in doubt try reading the Mystery Sample.
  • A reliable internet connection. Bandwidth usage is low, even dial-up is sufficient.
  • Any recent browser (www program) will do. The mysteries do not require javascript or any client-side processing. Most can be solved without pictures.
  • Ideally you will be the only sleuth using your computer. If you must share you may find it wise to clear your history and log-in afresh every time you make a move and you may not be able to use email without other sleuths seeing your secrets.
  • Time: cases are best analysed slowly, allowing time for sleuths to talk between moves. If you can all get together round a table you can solve a case in an evening but for many the ideal will be one or two moves per day.
  • Healthy scepticism.
  • Basic cunning.
  • And a steady nerve.



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