Murder and Mystery at Whodunnit Manor

Whodunnit Manor

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Become a host: The person who invites others to view the body in the library.

At least 6 characters.
At least 6 characters.
Please re-enter password.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to join

Sleuths pay nothing.

There is no charge for taking a case. Hosts pay a fee to sponsor a mystery (though some will always be completely free) and hosts choose whom they invite to become sleuths.

Information required:

The minimum needed to create a host account is:
Username: Other sleuths will not see this.
Minimum 6 characters.

Password: Minimum 6 characters.

Although they are not needed to create the account you will soon need:
Name: The name by which other sleuths will know you.
Email: A working email address for administrative purposes. Other sleuths will not see this.


After your account is created you may give additional contact details for other sleuths to use when discussing clues. You have complete control over this data and may give as much or as little as you wish. Only sleuths you invite see this data.