Murder and Mystery at Whodunnit Manor

Whodunnit Manor

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Fishy business. by Whodunnit Manor (5 — 7 sleuths)
Cost: Free
A simple case - just for practice.
It was to be a simple early summer flyfishing weekend on the streams of the Whodunnit estate. After a morning under bright skies, beside sparkling water, amid countryside at its June loveliest and having caught a few obliging trout the fishing party returned to the house for lunch with sharpened appetites, tales to tell and a keen anticipation of the afternoon's fishing to come. The body they found in the library rather spoiled the rest of the day.
The end of innocence. by Whodunnit Manor (4 — 20 sleuths)
Cost: Free
No trainee sleuth expects a real corpse on day one.
A group of candidates attend the Whodunnit University External Studies Sleuth Training Centre for their very first induction and selection weekend. It is vital that they succeed at this course as the result decides whether or not they will be accepted for full Sleuth Training at Whodunnit University. But things begin to go wrong; no trainee sleuth expects a real corpse on day one.
Three down. by Dμd (6 — 10 sleuths)
Cost: 1 game-credits
Three deaths are too many, even if the cat was getting old.
In some ways the old Lord's death made life easier, at least it stopped him interfering with the running of the family businesses. It wasn't until the family returned to the manor for lunch after the funeral that the number of deaths became clear, or did it? As is usual after a sudden bereavement no-one knew quite what to do about it. ...But death must go on.


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