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How it works

Hosts & Sleuths

Members are referred to as "Hosts." Guest participants are "Sleuths."

Any host may sponsor a mystery and invite selected sleuths to participate. The host controls parts of the case and buys the Mystery Ticket if required (some mysteries are free.) Sleuths pay nothing.

Hosts may be sleuths too. The host knows no more about the details of the case than any other sleuth.


Sleuths can be invited in many ways:

  • Whodunnit Manor will supply a sample email to forward to friends and family.
  • Whodunnit Manor will provide sample links to include in your Facebook page, personal website or blog.
  • You can text or message the URL or even print out a formal invitation.

Whodunnit Manor provides a landing and log-in page for your guests with a private chat page for your case.


Sleuths are given a link to the scenario when the host invites them to take part.

When the case starts sleuths log into the mystery and receive full details of their character. As the case progresses they learn what their character has seen and done, among this are clues to the mystery.

  • Every sleuth sees the case differently.
  • Each sleuth has specific skills, characteristics and experiences which apply to what they see. The same clue may mean different things to different people.
  • No single sleuth receives all the clues and many clues are not obvious. Sleuths must compare viewpoints, exchange information and mull over the case.

Any sleuth may make an accusation. The accusation is resolved at a trial. The other sleuths form the jury. If the accused is acquitted the case continues. A conviction ends the case.

At the end of the case all is revealed, results announced, and everything that passed through the server during the case is revealed.



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